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Royals at the movies

mens 1991 “Always look on the  bright side of life” –  heralded the show stealer in a highly innovative indivualistic debut by the “Men’s routine”


“DATE – December 1, 1991, Place – Reading, Scene – A lone moonlit swimmer – Lights – Camera – Action” – the opening words of the Reading Royals Christmas Show, which certainly set the scene for the evening entitled “Royals at the Movies.”

‘Central swimming pool was decorated with film posters supplied by local video shops together with a wide screen effect and a special finishing touch – all the ladies who were helping were dressed in black outfits, white aprons and black and white caps, sporting the trays selling popcorn complete with torches to give that authentic usherette touch.

Linda Macrae was the lone swimmer beneath  a projected moon in a sparkling turquoise sequinned costume who swam her solo routine in a dynamic and dramatic powerful performance’. Read the full Reading Chronicle  article below


Large text for 1991    1991 Xmas Show line up

Many thanks to Sarah Clough for providing the material for this post.



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